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This Instagram account flips the script on Asian fetishisation

Warning: this short article contains some subjects which can be NSFW so keep reading at your very own risk.

It’s no key that online dating sites may be hideous.

The problems that can result from dating apps are well-documented from bad date horror stories to catfish accounts. But things tend to be markedly even even worse for minorities, as popular Instagram account @thefleshlightchronicles demonstrates in gory information.

Talking recently to Broadly, founder Lillian (her surname was held hidden for privacy reasons) revealed that man would slip into charming one-liners to her DMs such as: “I’ll consume your pussy like shrimp fried rice. ”

She begun to notice a pattern of fetishisation, the one which depressingly military cupid matched her own experiences that are real

We started initially to realise why these interactions on Tinder harmonized with my lived connection with becoming a woman that is asian.

We realised i possibly could make use of this platform to share those experiences – and assist others find validation through them, too.

There’s an absurd twist to the account, which takes gross quotes such as “i do want to take over your little, Asian body” and superimposes them over pictures of Lillian by herself. ادامه مطلب