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The impact of Men’s money and Employment on Marriage and Cohabitation: Testing Oppenheimer’s Theory in European countries

This short article talks about Oppenheimer’s concept on wedding timing, product reviews the way in which this theory was gotten in European demography and family members sociology, and develops an innovative new test of this concept making use of yearly panel information from 13 europe for the duration 1994–2001. A few indicators of men’s financial status are utilized, including college enrollment, work, form of work agreement, work experience, earnings, and training. Outcomes of these indicators are calculated when it comes to transition to cohabitation and marriage, as well as for the change from cohabitation to wedding. Nation variations in these impacts are analyzed aswell. The data provides support that is strong the male breadwinner theory in the one hand, and for Oppenheimer’s job uncertainty theory on the other side. Nonetheless, the relevance of the hypotheses additionally hinges on the context that is national and particularly along the way gender functions are split in a culture.

Bringing Men Back in

The American demographer and sociologist Valerie Oppenheimer penned a few influential articles by which she emphasized the role of men’s socioeconomic place in demographic modification, in particular into the decreasing prices of wedding therefore the underlying tendency to increasingly postpone as well as perhaps also forego wedding (Oppenheimer 1988, 2000, 2003; Oppenheimer et al. 1997). In this share, We review Oppenheimer’s initial theoretical research, We discuss exactly exactly just how her research happened up in empirical research in European countries, and I also offer a fresh test associated with the concept for the European environment. In doing this, We make an effort to resolve some staying gaps into the empirical literary works, and We evaluate perhaps the concept is equally legitimate in various nations that define the context that is european. ادامه مطلب